Excel 2013: The Missing Manual

Excel 2013: The Missing Manual

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The world’s most popular spreadsheet program is now more powerful than ever, but it’s also more complex. That’s where this Missing Manual comes in. With crystal-clear explanations and hands-on examples, Excel 2013: The Missing Manual shows you how to master Excel so you can easily track, analyze, and chart your data. You’ll be using new features like PowerPivot and Flash Fill in no time.

The important stuff you need to know:

  • Go from novice to ace. Learn how to analyze your data, from writing your first formula to charting your results.
  • Illustrate trends. Discover the clearest way to present your data using Excel’s new Quick Analysis feature.
  • Broaden your analysis. Use pivot tables, slicers, and timelines to examine your data from different perspectives.
  • Import data. Pull data from a variety of sources, including website data feeds and corporate databases.
  • Work from the Web. Launch and manage your workbooks on the road, using the new Excel Web App.
  • Share your worksheets. Store Excel files on SkyDrive and collaborate with colleagues on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.
  • Master the new data model. Use PowerPivot to work with millions of rows of data.
  • Make calculations. Review financial data, use math and scientific formulas, and perform statistical analyses.

Q&A with Matthew MacDonald, author of "Excel 2013: The Missing Manual"

Q. Why is your book timely-- what makes it important right now?

A. Office 2013 was recently released.

Q. What information do you hope that readers of your book will walk away with?

A. First, readers will learn how to create spreadsheets for any type of number-rich information, whether it's a student grade report, household expense report, or profit-and-loss statement. Then, readers will learn how to create calculations that can crunch the numbers, spot trends, and even predict the future. Readers will also learn how to present their data dramatically and effectively, using advanced visualization techniques like charts, color scales, and info graphics.

Q. What's the most exciting and/or important thing happening in your space?

A. Excel is increasingly becoming a "business intelligence" tool. A key part of this shift is Excel's ability to pull information out of massive company databases rather than simply store it in Excel spreadsheet files. In fact, Excel 2013 can fetch millions of rows of up-to-date information out of any database, whenever you need it. You can then explore this data with Excel's standard analysis, charting, and calculation tools.

  • Used Book in Good Condition

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