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This A&P textbook features full-color illustrations and a conversational writing style. The textbook focuses on concepts rather than descriptions to help you understand the information. With a focus on the unifying themes of structure and function and homeostasis, Patton and Thibodeau facilitate the comprehension of difficult material with thorough, consistent, and non-intimidating explanations that are free of unnecessary terminology and extraneous information. You can also connect with the textbook through a number of free electronic resources, including access to the 24-module A&P Online course, an electronic coloring book, online tutoring, and more.

  • UNIQUE! Body systems are broken down into separate chapters for anatomy and physiology to improve comprehension.
  • UNIQUE! A comprehensive color key unifies the art of the book with consistent color for cellular and chemical structures, and more.
  • UNIQUE! Uses unifying themes such as the Big Picture and Cycle of Life sections to help you see the interrelation of body systems and how their structure and function changes in relation to age and development.
  • UNIQUE! The Clear View of the Human Body transparency inserts give you the opportunity to peel back the layers of the body and see a virtual dissection of male and female human bodies along several planes of the body.
  • Quick Check questions reinforce learning with content review of major sections within the chapters.
  • Detailed, end-of-chapter summaries outline essential information to help you organize your studies.
  • Both critical thinking and content review questions for each chapter help you know how well you have mastered important concepts while also challenging your reasoning skills.
  • Online Tutoring is available through the Evolve website, where you can email questions to experienced A&P educators and receive feedback on assignments before turning them in.
  • The Evolve website also includes the Body Spectrum electronic coloring book along with answers to case studies and quick check questions, FAQs, post-test questions, an audio glossary, online appendices, and WebLinks.
  • The Brief Atlas of the Human Body provides more than 100 supplemental photos of all aspects of the human body, including surface anatomy, gross anatomy, radiology scans, and histology slides.
  • The Quick Guide to the Language of Science and Medicine provides instruction on how to learn, dissect, and use scientific terms, thereby improving reading efficiency.
  • UNIQUE! A design layout with more than 1,400 full-color photos and illustrations that guide your attention to the most important concepts on each page.
  • UNIQUE! A&P Online brings the textbook to life with 24 modules that utilize state-of-the art animations, interactive exercises and built-in quizzes to cover and reinforce the major content areas within A&P.
  • UNIQUE! New A&P Connect feature throughout the text guides you to the bonus material on the Evolve website, which features topics that go beyond basic A&P to connect concepts with the real world.
  • Dozens of new histology slides help provide a foundation for easily learning the anatomy of every part of the body.
  • Study Tips throughout each chapter offer practical advice on how to study A&P.
  • New, end-of-chapter Case Studies challenge you with "real-life” clinical situations.


    Kevin T. Patton PhD


    Gary A. Thibodeau PhD




    Brand: Mosby





















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