Chofu Wood Fired-Hot Tub Heater -No Electricity Require

Chofu Wood Fired-Hot Tub Heater -No Electricity Require

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    Chofu Wood Fired- Hot tub heater (No electricity required)

    Japanese Stainless Steel Hot Tub Wood Fired Chofu Heaters
    Heat your hot with wood! No noise, no electric bills!

    Chofu Wood Fired Water Heaters are an alternate way to heat a hot tub or spa? This is it! This Japanese made "Chofu" stainless steel water boiler produces about 35,000 BTU of heating capacity by only using wood. You can heat a small hot tub in approx 1 hour.

    The Japanese have long been famous for their soaking Ofuro style hot tubs and this Chofu heaters is what they use to heat their bath water.

    The Chofu water heaters naturally circulates the water using no electricity. Its design is based on Thermosiphon; the hot water rises and exits via the top port. At the same time cold water is drawn in to the heat exchanger via the bottom port.

    Both the stove body of the Chofu and the firebox are made with high quality 316 grade stainless steel. The Chofu can be left outside without the danger of rusting or burning-out. A specially designed vented smoke outlet provides secondary combustion of unburned gases, thereby reducing smoke emissions and chimney sparks. The heater comes with a 4" stove pipe adapter. We recommend a minimum of 6 ft of chimney.

    The Chofu utilizes a sophisticated heat exchange design for efficient water heating. The stainless steel stove body surrounding the firebox is a double-walled water-jacket with a 1-inch space between, making the entire firebox (except the front) a heat-transferring surface. Additional heat transfer takes place in a water-filled baffle plate that runs horizontally through the firebox. The baffle























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