Reference List Of Psychiatric Diagnoses From Icd-10

Reference List Of Psychiatric Diagnoses From Icd-10

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    Be ready for the October 1, 2014 deadline when we are all to switch over to using ICD-10 instead of DSM-IV or ICD-9. In this List are ALL the codes and diagnostic labels for ALL the ICD-10 disorders in the mental health area. All the codes in the new DSM-5 are here as well because they are are actually a subset of those in the ICD-10 (although the names/diagnoses may differ).

    ICD-10, for all of healthcare, is 10 times larger than ICD-9 because it is much more specific. But the psych area there are only about twice as many diagnoses and the vast majority of these are in substance abuse.

    This list includes all the familiar symptom-based codes (now called F-codes) as well as all the relevant codes from the sections G, R, T, and the greatly expanded Z-codes.

    In the ICD-10 each code number can have several diagnoses which has some real advantages. For example, a child can be diagnosed with a accurate label but one which does not apply to adults and so be "outgrown" and not be permanent as some diagnoses are. I, Ed Zuckerman, am and seasoned clinician, and have used my experience to edit the official listing. I have removed archaic and unused diagnoses and otherwise cleaned up the listing that you could download.

    The ICD-10 is essentially in the public domain.) You can get the same information from the CDC website but I calculate it will take you almost 8 hours and cost you (mainly in time) over $350 to make a usable listing. Let me do the work and save you $300. This version uses color, layout, and highlighting to make finding the right code and diagnosis much easier. There are other similar listings from Rapid Coder and others but they are not designed for clinicians. One presents the codes alphabetically making finding the diagnosis when all you received is the number virtually impossible. Another fits the codes in by leaving out 300 less popular codes. And they cost more. You can find more on these issues at my website. Let us all work together.


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      The Clinicians ToolBox

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