Recombinant Antibodies

Recombinant Antibodies

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    As new recombinant DNA technology continues to join with cellular and molecular immunology, the field of antibody engineering has become a flourishing discipline. Antibody genes are now being cloned, genetically manipulated, and expressed to produce antigen binding proteins. Recombinant Antibodies addresses this burgeoning field with its comprehensive survey of the developing possibilities for producing specific antibodies by combinatorial methods. Following a comprehensive introduction to the field, the book is divided into four parts: a detailed introduction to the underlying concepts of recombinant antibodies, a description of the various methods for the generation of recombinant antibodies, their production and purification, and various designs and applications of genetically engineered proteins. The combination of these techniques substantially extends the functionality of natural antibodies. In addition, the book will focus on: Hybridoma immortalization. Generation and functional screening of highly complex antibody gene libraries. Human monoclonal antibodies to highly toxic and pathogenic antigens. Improving specificity or affinity of antibodies. New agents for cancer diagnosis and therapy. Genetic fusions for the production of bi- and multifunctional molecules. Production of large quantities of recombinant antibodies. New methods of purification. Emerging technologies. Recombinant Antibodies is the first general overview of the emerging field of antibody engineering and will serve as the definitive source for researchers and engineers in biology and medicine, biochemistry, immunology, and molecular biology, as well as anyone who is interested in biotechnology and antibody engineering.


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