Georgia Burns: Book I Of The New Series 'Rumors Of War'.

Georgia Burns: Book I Of The New Series 'Rumors Of War'.

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The struggle for the soul of America...and so it begins: The president of the United States has just been re-elected, but his financial bail-out of a broke California creates a backlash across the country. In the state of Georgia, a new governor is elected on the promise to resist his overreaching power. The president attempts to fly into Atlanta to confront the Governor of Georgia but is shocked and humiliated when Air Force One is denied clearance to land by a principled man determined to keep him out. An escort fighter jet explodes mid-air, and chaos engulfs the President's airplane. A sitting Governor has just designated the President of the United States as an enemy of liberty, a deed that will not go unpunished. So begins an epic power struggle that is bound to end in blood. Set in the author’s native State against the backdrop of current political unrest, GEORGIA BURNS sits unique among all the run-of-the-mill political thrillers on the market, yet the story is so realistically told that it will keep you turning pages and losing sleep to get to the end. Well-crafted writing is sparked with twists yanked from today's headlines -- war with Iran, China's dumping the dollar, financial collapse, militias rising, the Russian Mafia, Islamic terrorism, riots in the streets, The Lost Tybee Bomb, open battle on US soil.... Finally, here is a novel that will have you asking the ultimate question - Could this really happen in America? Find out in this fast paced political thriller by Georgia author Tommy Davis. Georgia Burns -- Book One of the series Rumors of War. Don't miss it! The Battle for Freedom will be fought on US soil...and the soul of America hangs in the balance.


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