Source Naturals: Mucuna Dopa 100Mg, 120 Vcaps

Source Naturals: Mucuna Dopa 100Mg, 120 Vcaps

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Source Naturals - Mucuna Dopa 100 mg - 120 Capsules Source Naturals Mucuna Dopa contains natural L-Dopa for mood & performance. Mucuna Dopa uses a potent extract of the Mucuna pruriens seed which assists in brain function, libido, and supporting muscle growth. Mucuna pruriens contains high concentrations of l-Dopa, a neurotransmitter that prompts a positive mental state of action and assertiveness. Source Naturals Mucuna Dopa comes in 100 mg vegetarian capsules. The Magic Bean The plant, Mucuna pruriens, or "velvet bean," is amulti-purpose herb that runs the gamut of healthuses. It is indigenous to tropical regions in Africa, India, South America and the West Indies. The vine produces clusters of mucuna beans inside hairy pods. Local people throughout these regions know the value of mucuna and treasure the colorful beans, using them plentifully. Mucuna is known by many names throughoutthe world such as "the magic bean," "nescafe" and "bengal bean." Mucuna beans have been ground into a savory coffee substitute in CentralAmerica. The people of India eat it as a vegetable. But perhaps the magic bean's most popular usage is how the Brazilians use it - for sexual vitality. Increasingly, Mucuna pruriens is used as a health compound due to the concentration of l-dopa in the seeds. Nature's Neurotransmitter Neurotransmitters are chemicals that are used to relay, amplify and modulate signals between a neuron and another cell. This process is known as neural transmission and is a vital brain function. Mucuna pruriens seeds contain high concentrations of levodopa, or l-dopa, which is a direct precursor of the neurotransmitter dopamine. Scientists discovered the body converts l-dopa into dopamine, which has strong effect on brain function. Without dopamine to create a damping effect on neural transmissions, muscles become tense and tremble. l-dopa also boosts a sense of assertiveness and positive activity performances.




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