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Missile Command

  • Playstation one game
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Ever since the TV movie The Day After struck fear into the American television-watching public, hearts of nuclear bomb-fearing folk skip a beat when a heavy truck drives by. Feeding into that frenzy is this remake of the classic arcade game that graced the finest bowling alleys and arcades of the cold war-era early '80s.

Missile Command, the original arcade game, had a unique set of controls, including a trackball for lightning-fast positioning. Here, the PlayStation's analog stick serves as a poor replacement, never quite getting the right balance between hypersensitivity and sluggishness. The game challenges players to protect a set of cities along the bottom of the screen from an onslaught of branching enemy missiles from the sky. The original game is intact despite prettier graphics and the option of a two-player cooperative mode. In addition there is a new game that borrows heavily from the concept of the original Missile Command, but features slightly more mobility and screens that scroll up and down. In addition, players can purchase upgrades and special weapons with points they've earned after defeating each group of levels. For those who never played the original, this game is a solid shooter, but veteran missile commanders may be disappointed by this remake. --Jeff Young


  • Includes the original arcade game in its entirety
  • 2-player cooperative mode offers new twist to old game
  • Difficult to control
  • This remake doesn't offer much more than the original

  • Playstation one game
  • for the playstation

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