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Natural Health & Weight Loss

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    Despite the current emphasis on 'healthy eating' obesity is increasing at an alarming rate, especially in children, and chronic diseases such as diabetes and heart disease are reaching epidemic levels. Barry Groves tells us that this is because 'healthy eating' is anything but that; it is far too high in carbohydrates from fruit and grain and far too low in fats. Unlike carbohydrates, or proteins, fats do not compromise our insulin levels.They keep our metabolism functioning at a healthily high level and they stop us getting hungry too quickly.And they do not raise our cholesterol levels. Based on years of research, and personal experience, this book tells us how to change our diets and what the benefits of doing so will be. Practical and clearly explained, you cannot read this book without realising it is time to change! Contents Part 1: Health & Weight-loss in Practice Let's Get Started; Breakfast:The Most Important Meal of the Day; Eat Real food;Tips for Successful Dieting;The Ideal Diet for Diabetics; Prevention is Better; Dealing With Doctors Part Two:The Evidence Mr Banting's Diet Revolution;It's In Our Genes;The Metabolic Syndrome; Glycaemic Truth; Eat Less,Weigh More? Why Blame Cholesterol? Why Healthy Eating Isn't; Why Your Low-Carb Diet Must be High-Fat, Not High-Protein; Exercise Isn't Necessary; Fat or Fashion? Appendix Diseases Helped or Prevented by the Natural Weight-loss and Health Way of Eating;Adult Height/Weight Tables; Glossary; Reliable Sources of Information; Carbohydrate Content and Glycaemic Loads of Foods; Recipes, Menus and Food Preparation

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    Natural Energy - ISBN 1905140029
    Smart Health Choices - ISBN 1905140177
    Traditional Herbal Medicines: A Guide to Their Safer Use - ISBN 1905140045

    Hammersmith Press is an independent publishing house producing books for the general public and health professionals that promote better health and well-being through a greater understanding of the human body and mind, with a particular emphasis on the importance of nutrition and diet.

    Some of the areas we publish in include:

    -Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP)
    -Overcoming Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
    -Natural Health & Weight Loss
    -Holistic Medicine
    -Thyroid Health
    -Medical stories
    - Healthy eating
    -Traditional medicines


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